Obruza Overview

We have designed Obruza and Unaflux from the ground up to work with the industry standard products so that our system can be integrated into their existing workflows. Researchers can use the existing kits and microplates while using our adapter to improve the results and automate the process. 

obruza top.png


The Obruza was designed to work with existing research products and protocols. We see value in providing a system that works seamlessly with the kits and equipment researchers are already using. Designed to run assays built around 96-well microplates, the Oburza allows for the automation of many standard assay kits. 


The Obruza uses a proprietary adaptor system to automate standard microplates. This adaptor, the Unaflux, allows for a new form of automation. The unique design allows for the system to remain compact, integrated, and inexpensive compared to competing solutions.

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Modular design

The Obruza and Unalfux technology have been designed to be modular. Research standards and procedures are always evolving and having a system that can be adapted over time is very beneficial. This system can be used with many different applications and having a modular design allows for this adaptability.