Our team comes from a diverse background with a variety of different expertise. Each member possesses unique perspectives and individualized skill sets such as biology, engineering, or finance but all share the same vision for what they want to achieve with Nestegg Biotech. The unification of this diversity is what makes this management team so strong. 


Tanner Carden CEO

Tanner has a background in biology with experience in developing new technology applications for the research market. He acts as the company’s primary contact with customers, partners, and advisors. Tanner works to ensure the integration of Unaflux and Obruza with the adopted standards and workflows of the customers.


Tim Gauldin

Tim has a background in finance and design. He works to manage Nestegg’s operations, projects, and financing. Tim is currently developing the final prototype designs for the new system and ensuring that it is both technically functional and works with customers standards and needs.


Gavon Carden

Gavon works with the team on as a knowledge and design contributor. He has a background in Chemical Engineering with experience in flow chemistry related to biological and research based applications. Gavon continues to support and advise on the project as it moves forward with its development of its customized fluid adapter.