Nestegg Biotech is a provider of innovative technologies for research and development in cell and tissue growth. The company's Obruza Cell System empowers scientists to unlock novel and more powerful approaches to neurological and cell-based discovery. 


Our Mission

Nestegg Biotech wants to play a leading role in bringing powerful automation technology to the market. Nestegg provides solutions that revolutionize research in ways that push it to whole new levels. We intend to expand upon our current platform and offerings to bring automated equipment to all labs. We are currently focusing on automating immunoassays but we have discovered there are many more applications that we can expand into as we move forward. 

Without automation, we don’t have the time to develop new tests.
— Carol Barker, Founder and Managing Director at Xcellr8


Nestegg Biotech is a US startup who felt that the European market was the right environment for them to shine. Nestegg uses the latest digital engineering and software technologies to create fully integrated, advanced cell culture laboratory instruments. The Obruza Cell System enables cell researchers to develop breakthrough therapies and cures for disease. 


Nestegg Biotech was the brainchild of Tanner Carden, a biology student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. In early 2013, he became very interested in 3D printing for biological applications. He recruited an engineering friends to help him with the mechanical and design aspects of his ideas. The product that was created from their efforts was the CarmAl extruder, a custom part for printing with dissolvable substances with a 3D printer. When they moved to create a startup with their new idea, they recruited Gavon Carden, a chemical engineering student, and Tim Gauldin, a finance student. From 2013 through early 2015 the team participated in multiple entrepreneurship competitions and one prototyping accelerator program. 


In 2014, the team noticed that there were several key players developing various types of tissue products for research but no one was creating a product for the actual implementation and testing of these products. End users are required to make something up in their labs to be able to run a test with tissues. The team began looking into developing a device to manage the life cycle of these experiments. They located a partially complete base platform and began building off of this system. This new product is the Obruza Cell System, an automated cell culturing and testing system that can handle complex tissue products.


In the spring of 2015, the team was contacted by representatives of Startupbootcamp Smart Materials, a business accelerator in the Netherlands, and asked to participate in their accelerator program. The team has had an amazing experience in Europe and has decided to make Europe, specifically Limburg, the starting point and home of their primary operations. The team is passionate about "Creating the New Research Standard" and hopes to have a direct impact on pushing the world of pharmaceutical and medical research to whole new levels. We are just getting started and hope to achieve great things with Nestegg Biotech.